With its peerless blend of polo passion and hospitality, Fifth Chukker’s reputation as the ideal venue for the ultimate polo experience in West Africa has extended to bike polo, a fun and fast-paced game that requires agility, strength and endurance. As the name states, it is played on bicycles where teams of three a side attempt to score by shooting a ball with a mallet into the opposing team’s net.

Fifth Chukker has created a fun, competitive and welcoming environment for all skill levels, from complete novices who’ve never even heard of bike polo and want to try it for the first time, to experienced bike riders and players who know how to run competitive plays.


The Fifth Chukker Polo Academy offers a diverse range of personal and corporate options through which to enjoy the excitement and challenges of one of the oldest Olympic sports (first played in 1908) on our bespoke bikes and immaculate polo fields. From day Instructions to weekend and week-long Training, Practice or challenges, every preference can be customized and branded  to suit personal and corporate needs.