In 2007  the following results were achieved:

  • 80 OVC/care givers, community leaders and teachers (including 60 OVC) in 6 focus communities of Kaduna state acquire skills and knowledge on various types of support for OVC. The skills acquired include:
    • Home based care for addressing nutritional and health care support, psychosocial support and hygiene
    • Life skills and civic education for older OVC
  • Supply of the following income generating equipment to 6 Kaduna OVC micro-credit/cooperative groups:
    • 2 Garri Processing machine
    • 4 Rice milling machine
    • 6 Dry corn milling machine
    • 2 Water pumps

The supplies were identified and procured based on the peculiarities of the various communities and delivered to the support group. Revenue generated from the equipment were used to support the OVC as the need arises. Ministry of Women Affairs in collaboration with PADEC and 3 other NGOs monitor the activities of the support group.

  • One hundred and fifteen (115) six inches spring mattresses and blankets were supplied to115 almajiris in Kagadama and Kakangi focus communities of Kaduna state (30 in Kakangi, 85 in Kagadama) all boys. The mattresses and blankets were handed over to the almajiri boys directly in the presence of the community and their care givers. Inscriptions of UNICEF and 5th Chukker club were made on them to prevent the items from being pilfered.
  • Nine (9) OVC micro credit/cooperative groups were established in 3 focus communities (Icala-Ajode, Omoko and Ugbamaka Igah). Each community demanded for 3 groups each in view of the number of OVC each group has to cater for. Older OVC, Care givers and other duty bearers in the community acquired knowledge and skills on the importance of a cooperative group and also how to manage a group. After the training, each group chooses name, made inputs into constitution/bye law and were supported to go to the state capital to get registered with the government. Activities conducted to achieve this include:
    • 1-day Sensitization/ Participatory interactive meeting of community leaders with 130 caregivers and OVC on establishment of cooperative groups in 3 communities.
    • 3-day training of 400 OVC /care givers and community members on the workings of cooperative societies and its formation.
    • Registration of the cooperative societies


In 2008/2009, the funds received were used for activities involving orphans and vulnerable children who have been impacted by AIDS in Kaduna State. The Summary of the funds utilization is presented as follows:

  • Training of 180 OVC, OVC caregivers and community leaders on care and support of OVC, Psychosocial support, home based care, life skills and civic education in 6 focus communities of Kaduna:
  • Supply of Income generating/food processing equipment to 6 OVC Cooperative groups in 6 Focus communities of Kaduna state
  • Supply of 115 matrass and blankets for OVC in Danmahwayi Focus community of Kaduna state:
  • Establishment and registration of 9 OVC Micro credit/cooperative groups in 3 focus communities (Icahla Ajode, Omoko and Ubamaka Igah).
  • Support OVCs poorest families and caregivers to enroll their children, ensure retention and completion of their primary school with all necessary opportunities like scholarships, furniture, uniforms and other instructional materials to help the OVCs in the identified communities


  • Established 9 OVC micro credit cooperative groups in 3 focus communities of Kogi State (IchahaAdjode, Omoko and Ubamaka Igah LGAs
  • 1-day Sensitization/ Participatory interactive meeting of community Leaders with 130 caregivers and OVC on establishment of cooperative groups in 3 communities
  • 3-day training of 400 OVC /care givers and community members on the workings of cooperative societies and its formation
  • Registration of the cooperative societies


Fifthchukker with UNICEF and Access Bank has over the years impacted on the lives of six communities in three LGA’s in Kaduna State for orphans and vulnerable children. In 2012, this formidable group has made all the difference through the support provided to Maraban Jos Primary school, intervention that has really turned around the learning environment of the school with a sharp increase of enrolment from 1500 before intervention to 2,554 pupils following improvements that attracted massive enrolment as at end of 2014 academic session. Because of the partnership, Maraban Jos Primary School has all it takes for a conducive learning.

Improvements provided to the school include among others as follows: Complete renovation of 4 block of 8 classrooms, complete wall fencing to provide additional security to the school and prevent distractions to pupils while in the class trough trespassing, furniture for all 12 classrooms which has enabled every child to sit on a desk as against the culture of sitting on the floor, provided instructional materials and exercise books for nursery and primary one and up to primary six, rehabilitation of a borehole and 9 toilets (5 for girls and 4 for boys) to make it child friendly, rehabilitation of 4 games facilities for nursery and primary school pupils, electrification of the school and tiling of the office of the school Headmaster with a book shelve and furniture, provision of water containers, dustbin and parker for each of the 12 classrooms in the school. School Based Management Committee was established for the effective management of the school and still very functional.


The primary/Orphanage home at Afaka village in Igabi LGA is a nongovernmental Organization with enrollment of over 120 Primary pupils (46F) and (74M). Most of the children who are OVC lack essential learning material, and recreational facilities that can make them lively. These challenges tend to make these innocent children either come late to school, absent themselves or even drop out with time. It is pertinent to mention that the threat posed by destitute to the larger community cannot be over emphasized. They could easily be recruited as armed robbers, political mobs, and drug users and could be easily sexually abused. Following the improvements, the SBMC are busy mobilizing caregivers to avail more children to enroll as.


Construction of a new Billion-Naira Maraban Jos Primary School in Kagimi Resort, the project is a Fifth Chukker initiative supported by Access Bank and UNICEF and also one of the education intervention projects in northern Nigerian conceived to address the issue of out of school children which will enrol 12000 out of school children when completed.
This model of free education is the first in Nigeria.

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